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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Filipino Pagan Gods and Goddesses (Eternal Deities)

Thanks to Adrenia, A filipina teen (20 yr. old) living in New York, USA who have inspired me to post and share these deities to my viewership as well.

I have studied and heard names of deities from Western mythologies and pantheons since High School but not too much emphasis were given to the local deities that our ancient ancestors had drawn their worshiped to.

Bathala, The Father Sky God
Aman Sinaya, the Mother Goddess of Sea
The deities of Philippine mythology are the gods, goddesses and diwatas worshiped by ancient Filipinos before the Christianization of the natives during the Spanish conquest of the Philippines. In different regions of the Philippines they are called by various names, "apo", "diyos", "fon", "linamin", "diwata", "lakan", "aring", etc. While not as widely known as its European and Asian counterparts, they have similar elements and characteristics when compared to other mythologies.

Ancient Philippine mythology varies among the many indigenous tribes of the Philippines. During the pre-Spanish era, some tribes believed in a single supreme being who created the world and everything in it, along with lesser deities. Others chose to worship a multitude of trees as an act of animism. Below are some of the gods and goddesses of the various ancient Philippine tribes:

Suggested Readings:
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(Left) Apo Malyari, Goddess of the Moon residing in Mt. Pinatubo
(Center) Apo Sinukuan, God of the Sun & War, residing in Mt. Arayat

(Eternal Beings)
These deities are taken from various mythological sources, including books, mags and oral traditions. Most of the information are from the said sources, but there are some additional information, regarding working with deities which are from personal experiences of Mysterio delas Felipinas. Disclaimer: This list is not full and complete, please see suggested reading sources, link provided  above.

Ideale- the goddess of harvest. If you want to work with her, offer here a plate of rice when the moon is full at around seven in the evening. She will help you in times of trouble provided that you tend plants and herbs of any kind.
Bathla- the sky god, later called as Bathala. He offers the knowledge of the Air element. Offerings of Frankinsence are very appealing to him.
Sidapa- the god of death. Although seen as a dark god, he is kind and caring and will help his priest or priestess in times of need.
Sol- the god of the sun.
Luna- god of the Moon. She weeps for her lover, Kertes, who died in a battle with the sun. That is why we cannot see her sometimes because she hides her mourning face.
Habagat- the god of winds. He rules the whole of the Himpapawirin, the kingdom of silver and gold found in the sky. He will invite his worshipers to his magnificent kingdom.
Pughe- the king of the Dwendes of the North. A dwende is a filipino gnome. Most are divided into the black and white varities.
Kuntalapa- goddess of childbirth.
Pamahres- god of knowledge. Told Sol how he can break the protection given by Luna to Kertes.
Dal'lang- goddess of beauty. Bestows the gift of Beauty to her followers.
Lalahon- goddess of volcanoes. In the olden days, a virgin girl was sacrificed in order to keep the goddess satisfied. But in this time, an offering of fire will please her.
Kidul- god of earthquakes.
Bagobo- god of war.
Kalinga- god of thunder.
Agui- god of fire, brother of Agwe.
Agwe- god of waters
Mangaragan- goddess of war.
Lalahon- maiden aspect of Ideale
Siginaguran- god of hell
Somilge- goddess of magick, queen of witchery, crone aspect of Ideale. She bestows upon her priestess the gift of magick.
Deltise- the god of mambabarangs
Martes- the son of Bagobo. Prince of pain and war.
Kilubansa- the god of healing,  Father of Dihas.
Dihas- the goddess of medicinal herbs.
Pasipo- god of music.
Detinos- the god of evil. Enemy of Bathla.
Sirenha- the goddess of fishes. The Sirenas or mermaids are her children.
Oghep- the god of mountains and hills.
 S'dop-(sodop) the goddess of gold.
Dayea- the goddess of secrets.
Bayoa- the god of pacts. Invoke during bloodpacts.
Aspene- the shell goddess.
Punho- the god of trees.
Kertes- the lover of Luna, killed by Sol. Born as a human, Kertes was transformed into a god after his death.
Haspe- King of the Tamaos.
Halmista- God of Magic. Highest of all the Magickal Gods, he is the father of Deltise and Kilawnea
Kapalaran- Although he is not a God, he is still considered as a high power. He has the power tochange destiny at his will. He is the strongest of all Eternal Beings.
Sehana- The goddess of love. She has the power to bestow love on any moprtal or Immortal being.


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