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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cebu's Reflexology and Foot Therapy at Gabayan Alternative Healing Center

Gabayan Alternative Healing Center (now Blessed Pedro Calungsod Alternative Healing Center )
(Reflexo-foot therapy) Address: Patria de Cebu Building fronting Cebu Cathedral, Cebu City.

I was wondering of a productive thing to do today, after writing a special article I asked my cousin to accompany me to have  a reflexology session. He was scared because he realized it would be painful. Anyway, I am committing to do this on a weekly basis and will be bringing all my foreign guests to try it once they visit me here in Cebu.

Atheism vs Agnosticism vs Universalism

First and foremost, I am writing this article without a trace of prejudice or being bias. I just want to simply convey the facts, as much as possible, of what these three philosophical contexts mean. Personally, I would also like to be straight to the point in telling everyone that I am a universalist. Period!

Today, I was browsing for 'Buddhist meditation chants' on Youtube for my daily yoga practice, however, what caught my attention is a video about atheism as one of the suggested videos on the left panel of the page. I bookmarked it and planned to play it after my yoga... Well, honestly, I've been so interested about topics related to Atheism since a long time ago and asked why there are people who think as such. Is it really a big deal to be such or not? As years, decades and centuries came rolling by and unfolded a new dawn of history, new philosophical school of thoughts seems to also be emerging.

In this article, we will be leaving behind the concept of "theism" because almost everybody knows it. We will just have to define these three, often misunderstood, concepts of religion or spirituality.

Disclaimer: Some facts and persons in the list contained herein can sometimes be ambiguous since different sources have conveyed different set of information. As to the preciseness of the material, I suggest you do your own research and NEVER rely solely on this article. Moreover, the choice of certain individual may change from time to time, therefore, the lists provided are subject to change without notice. Names on the list are not the only person who adhere to the category they belong to and there could be more.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Banco de Oro, A Not So Pro-consumer Bank!

Before I start, please do not consider this libelous because this is based on my "experiences", yes, experienced it so many times. I don't want to be so blunt but yes I can. I just want to share my thoughts to others. I feel that I am obliged to let people know what they ought to know.

I went just yesterday (Saturday) to deposit an amount as payment for my order online. I normally do this via BPI but unfortunately the branch closer to my place is not open on Saturdays. Then I decided to take a ride to the nearest mall which happened to only have BDO in it. At least banking in malls are open every weekend too.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

My 25th Birthday Love Letter Only for You!


Today marks my 25th year here in this world. Thank you very much to those who have extended their greetings. I may not be able to thank each one of you but I love you all. Thanks for making my world so meaningful.
-Drake C.

To my iLearners Inc. family. Thank you for always inspiring me every step of the way. You rock guys, you know who you are :) Let us continue the fire burning as we continue to help more and more kids and sending them to school.

To my Cebu Indie filmmakers circle, sir Albert Chan Paran. To Black Canvass Productions. You have never ceases to amaze me with the craft that we do.  Let's make this BIG! :)

To my Ananda Marga and Yoga & meditation friends in Cebu and from other parts of the world. Thank you for always giving me sparks of love and devotion for the Supreme and all its creation. Baba Nam Kevalam!

To my Sinha Bahia de Capoeira family, my coaches and co-students. I so miss you guys. Dont worry Ill be back. Thanks for always being there despite of us not seeing each other that often.

To my friends in the online gaming community here in Cebu, salamat mga bradir ug sis :) Padayon lang gihapon sa pagduwa. :)

To Convergys Social Welfare club members, my office colleagues, my real friends. I am so missing you. You know who you are. Thanks gengsters. :)

To my Couchsurfing friends, YOU GUYS ROCK!! You know who you guys are. Thanks for staying true and super genuine about everything. Don't worry we'll party harder the next time I see you. Better watch out. :)

To Astrid Montforte, Ga Lou, Gautier, Vincent, Gregory, and the rest. Thank you for being such a cool friend the moment I came to know you guys. Thanks for being my Language exchange partners. :)

Aujourd'hui marque ma 25eme annee ici, dans ce monde. Merci beaucoup a ceux qui ont etendu leurs salutations. Je ne peux pas etre en mesure de remercier chacun d'entre vous, mais je vous aime tous. Merci d'avoir fait mon monde si pleine de sens.

To my Mandarin Chinese speaking friends, classmates, Ms. Aleth Lim, Shi Jiu Feng, my Lao sh Sun Zhun Wang, wherever you are :) Thanks for inspiring me to go on. Despite of age differences, our interests and discussions are so very refreshing. You seem like my brothers and sisters already. LoL. You are one of the super cool folks here on Earth. Miss you and love you.

Mandarin Chinese: 
Jīntiān shì wǒ 25 nián zài zhège shìjiè shàng. Fēicháng gǎnxiè nàxiē yǐ yáncháng tāmen de wènhòu. Wǒ kěnéng wúfǎ gǎnxiè nǐmen měi gèrén, dàn wǒ ài nǐ. Wèi shǐ wǒ de shìjiè rúcǐ yǒuyìyì de gǎnxiè.

To Taclobanons who have become part of my life. To my long-lost friends from Leyte Subcultures Community, Jehann, Bambi, Jet, Krista, Ambo, Lester, Noel, Antit, Lehi and others... I so miss you guys. I know will find each other someday. Thank you for letting me experience another side of the world where we are bonded as brothers and sisters.

Yana an ika 25 anyos ko na didi ha Kalibutan. Damo nga salamat han adto nga naghatag han ira tim-os na pagbati. Diri ko man papasalamatan hit nga tanan ha iyo pero ginhigugma ko kam nga tanan. Salamat han paghatag hin kolor tak kalibutan.

To my Amanung Sisuan online family. Thanks. Mga Cabalen!

Ngening aldong iti, ya pu ing ka-beinti-singku anyus ku keti king sulip. Dakal pung salamat kekongan peyabut pamamugue kanaku. E ra ko man apasalamatan tunggal-tunggal, dapot kaluguran da ko ngan. Dakal pung salamat, apasaya't agawa ye pung makabaldugan ing yatu ku.

Sa akong pinalanggang ginikanan, igsoon, grandma, akong pamilya. Despite of frailties I have, you're just there every step of the way. A shoulder to lean on. Despite of the things we've been through you remain strong. I love you. Thanks for trusting me and my decisions.

Karon ang sinugdanan sa akong ika biente singko anyos dinhi sa katilingaban. Salamat uyamot sa katong mga nipadahilay sa kanilang tagsa-tagsa ka mga pagbati. Dili mo man nako mapasalamat kada usa pero gihigugma ko kamo tanan. Daghan salamat sa paghatag rason sa akong kinabuhi.

I may have missed some folks here. I apologize, I believe it's just me being so preoccupied lately. But deep in my heart I am always thankful for the people who have become part of my life, who have helped me and molded me to what I've become today. Thank you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drake Travels

Also posted at Drake Travels.
The word "travel" is a very fancy word for me. For the past 20 years of living and growing up here in the Philippines I never came to think about traveling. Maybe because I was born and raised thinking about it as a luxury and a waste of time and money. My parents have always reminded us that we should be more concerned towards looking for a good job with a good pay and to have our own family someday.

Before 2011 ended, I came across, a voice within encouraged me to register and what happened next were incredible experiences. I was able to meet, host and mingle with several local and foreign travelers who have changed my perception of traveling. That to travel is everyone's right... That it doesn't need or you really do not need money at all to do it... That it is free... And that traveling means to NOT limit ourselves within the horizon we are currently in. A friend of mine from Bulgaria once quoted, "It is an awesome opportunity for us to widen our horizons, live life to the fullest, and realize some things in life that you would only ponder if you travel."

The Turning Point
Being used to always have someone watch over me in anything I do is very pathetic. The year 2012 had provided me enough courage for my first out-of-town experience. Although it was just a few miles away from my abode yet it was the first time I decided to explore and unwind all by myself. Along the way I had met several interesting people that made me more eager in exploring the world. Thus, I conceptualized to add more blogs to document my whereabouts: Philippine Explorers (friends promoting Philippine culture, tradition, and arts) and Drake Travels (my personal travel experience). I have made a promise to myself that this would be the start of a journey, uncertain, yet I know it would give me a chance to mold myself wholistically in becoming a better person. To be rewarded with unfathomable abyss of experiences to cherish forever is what makes it worth it.

You may check out the following for travel related source: (Note: work-in-progress) - travel-related post on my New Age personal blog
Philippine Explorers (my group of friends promoting Philippine culture, tradition, and arts)
Drake Travels (my personal travel experience complete with photos and travel tips)

My 2012 Travel Calendar
The following are my travel itinerary for the whole year which would be subject to modifications and regular updates. If you would like to travel with me on these dates. Feel free to contact me.
  • March
    • March 5: Moalboal, Cebu (beach bumming, nightlife and bar hopping)
    • March 6: Badian, Cebu (Kawasan falls trekking and swimming)
  •  April
    • April 1: Sunday - Dumaguete City, Negros Orienta
    • April 2: Monday - Bais City, Negros Oriental and Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental
    • April 3: Tuesday - Cauayan, Negros Occidental
    • April 4: Wednesday - Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
    • April 5: Thursday - Bayawan City, Negros Oriental
    • April 6: Friday - Apo Island, Dauin, Negros Oriental
    • April 7: Saturday - Larena, Siquijor and San Juan, Siquijor
    • April 8: Sunday - Lazi, Siquijor and Maria, Siquijor
    • April 9: Monday - Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
  • May
    • May 4: Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental
    • May 5: Talakag, Bukidnon (‘Luna Musikalawaig’ Full Moon Festival)
    • May 24-27: Kidapawan City, Cotabato (Mt. Apo trek
    • May 28: Davao City, Davao del Sur
    •  pending...more to follow...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Negros-Siquijor Backpacking Itinerary

 APRIL 1 - APR 10

1 person >April 1: Sunday - OSLOB / DUMAGUETE CITY Overnight (RM Guesthouse)
1 person >April 2: Monday - BAIS CITY /  KABANKALAN CITY Overnight (Camping)
4 persons >April 3: Tuesday - CAUAYAN Overnight (Camping
4 persons >April 4: Wednesday - SIPALAY CITY Overnight (Langub Pension)
5 persons >April 5: Thursday - HINOBAAN / APO ISLAND Overnight (Camping)
7 persons >April 6: Friday - APO ISLAND / SIQUIJOR ARRIVAL (Angel's Backpackers)
9 persons >April 7: Saturday - SIQUIJOR Tour – Part 1
9 persons >April 8: Sunday - SIQUIJOR Tour – Part 2
11 persons>April 9: Monday - DUMAGUETE CITY HOME SWEET HOME
1.) Jessa Abdon (Cagayan de Oro) : April 7 - April 9
2.) John Rey Bado (Siquijor) : April 7 - April 8
3.) Ivy Umpad (Consolacion): April 5 - April 9
4.) Vanessa (Cebu): April 3 - April 9
5.) Dana (Mactan): April 3 - April 9
6.) Alyana Arnan (Manila): April 3 - April 9
7.) Ian Laput (Manila): April 6 - April 9
8.) Ryan Abarra (Manila): April 6 - April 9
9.) Alexis Camesa (Bacolod):  April 9
10.) James Abogada (Bacolod): April 9
If you are interested, or if you wanna catch up on those dates posted above just comment below. :) Please pass along to your friends who are into backpacking/traveling. The more the many-ier... Mwah mwah mwah. ^_^
UPDATE as of March 24, 2012 10AM
AM - OSLOB, CEBU 3am-6am
1. Nigad tree – centuries-old legendary tree
2. “Mainit” medicinal hot springs
3. Whale Watching – 1 hour (Total: 550)
                Snorkel Gear P100 | Lifevest P50 | Entrance P50 | Lifevest P50 | Boat Rent 300/pax
4. Oslob to Bato, Samboan Port – 30 minutes (Total: P30)
5. 11:30AM Samboan - Dumaguete – 45 minutes (Total: P50)
Bato, Samboan  to Tampi, San Jose, Negros
Maayo Shipping, Inc.
Tampi, San Jose, Negros Oriental
Telephone: (032) , (035) 417-0280, (035) 419-6023
PM - TANJAY CITY (Overnight @Dumaguete City)
1.) Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao – Entrance P10/person | Kayak – P100/hr
  • take a pedicab (tricyce) and ask to be taken to the jeep or bus terminal going or passing through San Jose
  • tell the jeep/bus driver to drop you off the junction going to the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes. This is after you've passed Sibulan proper but before you reach San Jose proper. ~30 minutes
  • from that junction, it's a long uphill road. Hire a motorbike (habal-habal) to take you to the lakes. Make sure to arrange for your return. P150 one-way | P300 two-way
2.) Bus ride to Dumaguete City – 45 minutes (Php20)
3.) Overnight at RM Guesthouse Dumaguete: (RESERVED) P275.00 dorm fan
1. Bus from Dumaguete to Bais City Fare: P20
2. Manjuyod Sand Bar
Go to Manjuyod Fishing village, rent boat from local fishermen
P600 rental for 5 person-seat (w/ 3 life jackets)
PM – MABINAY /  Overnight Camping @Mag-aso Falls 
1.) Bais to Mabinay bus ride - Fare: P50
2.) Mabinay Springs (Entrance: free)
3.) Spelunking - P50/cave | P500/cave guide
Jeffrey Dasian, cell phone # 0918-242-7269
Odloman, Cayaso, Crystal Cave, Panligawan Cave, Pandalihan Cave, Baliw Cave, Mambajo Cave
4.) Mabinay to Kabankalan bus Fare: P15
2.) Mag-aso Falls (Kabankalan) P50/cave
3.) Overnight Camping @Mag-aso Falls, Kabankalan City
Brgy. Oringao, Kabankalan City - Entrance P25  / Camping Fee P100
1.)     Island Hopping:
  • Danjugan Island
  • Agutayan Island
  • Turtle Island (Anhawan) - Anhawan Island (Turtle Island) (Brgy. Elihan, Sipalay town)/From bus, drop-off at Barangay Road, Cartagena / Mary Grace / Mrs. Rhoda – Contact Number.: (+63 ) 9065477947
EVENING CAMPING: @Cauayan town
1.)     Feasible: Agutayan Island just near mainland
2.)     Cauayan mainland contact person 09194041365 (Mark from Municipal Tourism Office)
option 1 - RESERVED Langub Pension
P500 per room, fan, Brgy. 1 Sipalay City 
option 2 - UNREACHABLE Manna Guest House eat at Pat’s Eatery
With fan good for 2 persons                  Php 160.00
Contact Person/s: Gladys Campillanos
Contact #: 09268254159
PM – SIPALAY sight seeing
1.) Brgy. Nauhang cove (Efren De Castro 09186896075) - No entrance
Cave Guide Fee - optional as a group we can just give a guide 200-300.
small Pumpboat rental from local fisherman - P300-P350
2.) Beach bumming
3.) Overnight / Beer sessions
April 5: Thursday - HINOBAAN / APO ISLAND Day 1
1.) Bus ride from Sipalay to Hinoba-an (Fare 25)
2.) Dry and Wet Ubong Caves (Pending info from Negros blogger Glady)
Entrace ____ | Caveguide _____ | Gears _____
PM – APO ISLAND ARRIVAL & Camping Overnight
1.) Bus to Malatapay Market in Zamboanguita
2.) Boat ride to Apo Island - NOTE: Boat curfew is 4PM in and out of Apo Island
Boat Rental: P1,500 small OR P2,500 big
Entrance Fee P100 | Camping Fee P50/night | Snorkel fee P50
3.) 5PM Setting up of camping tent - NOTE: Should be near Apo Village where public CR is located.
4.) Bar Hopping / Beer Session | Retire @12MN
April 6: Friday - APO ISLAND Day 2
1.) Breakfast
2.) Snorkel and Swimming - NOTE: Bring waterproof suntan lotion w/ high SPF
3.) Coastal Trek / Island Sightseeing
4.) Disbanding of tent and departure from the island
1.) 1PM Apo Island to Dumaguete City (approx. 1hr travel)
2.) 2:30PM Dumaguete to Siquijor (Php190 - 1hr travel)
Delta Fast Ferries | Dumaguete-Siquijor Daily 6:00AM, 10:30AM, 2:30PM
3.) 3:30 PM Arrival @Larena, Siquijor
4.) Room / Booking @  ANGEL’S LITTLE-BACKPACKERS - Brgy. Helen, Larena
 RESERVED -  LARENA, SIQUIJOR @ Php 200 per person
April 7: SIQUIJOR Tour – Day 1
Tour Guide:
Email: Phone: 0926-9627166
Option 1 Day hikes/drives: 350 PHP (excluding food and petrol)
Option 2 Backpacking treks: 450 PHP per day (food Filipino style included)
AM – LAZI town adventure A
1.) Transpo Rent (Optional)
                P25/day – motorbike                P800/day – motorcab or traysikad
2.) Century Old Balete Tree
3.) Ilihan Cave (Brgy Simacolong, Lazi)
PM – LAZI town adventure B
1.) Mt. Pinarilag (Brgy Cangumantong, Lazi)
2.) Bandilaan National Park
3.) Cambugahay Falls
1.) Capilay Spring Park
2.) Beach hunting in San Juan bay
3.) Drinks with locals
4.) Sleep @12MN
5.) Back to Lodge
April 8: SIQUIJOR Tour – Day 2
                P25/day – motorbike
AM – SIQUIJOR town adventure C
1.) Cantabon Cave (optional) – Brgy. Cantabon, Siquijor, Cave Guide: Mr. Ivan Victor Ibay
2.) Snorkel @Tulapos Marine Sanctuary – Brgy. Tulapos, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor
3.) Our Lady of Divine Providence Church
4.) Pictorial @Balagdong Forest
1.) Islander’s Paradise Beach (Sandugan, Larena)
2.) Check-out
3.) 5PM Ship from Siquijor to Dumaguete City
Delta Fast Ferries  (Php190 - 1hr travel)
Siquijor-Dumaguete Daily 8:00AM, 12:30, 5:00PM
4.) 6PM Arrival in Dumaguete (Fare for jeepenes/tricycle P50)
5.) DINNER Dumaguete’s Rizal Boulevard Nightlife (P150 for dinner and P100 entrance clubbing)
                Party @: Gimmick, Why Not Disco and El Camino Blanco bars/clubs
6.) Accomodation @RM Guesthouse | Retire @2AM
AM – DUMAGUETE Heritage Trip
1.) St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral
2.) Rizal Park
3.) Our Lady of Perpetual Help shrine
4.) Anthropology Museum & Centre for the Study of Philippine Living Culture
                Hibbard Ave, the extension of Perdices St
Estimate Fare Moving Around the City: P100
PM – DUMAGUETE Adventure
1.) Casaroro Falls (Valencia, Dumaguete) P10php entrance
Motor from Y-intersection to Casaroro entrance pakyaw P250
2.) Japanese Shrine
Option 1 – BUS Dumaguete-Cebu Fare P350 (including barge fee)
CERES Bus ( Vallacar Transit)
***NO Evening Schedule
4:10am 1st trip Aircon bus
5:45am Aircon bus
8:25am Aircon bus
10:15am Deluxe
11:20am Aircon bus
12:15noon Aircon bus
Option 2 – BOAT Dumaguete-Cebu
George & Peter Lines              Monday/Saturday/Sunday 11:00pm
Cokaliong                 Tuesday-Sunday 12midnight
1.)     Aqua shoes (preferred) OR hike/trek shoes
2.)     sunblock | preferred is waterproof suntan lotion
3.)     insect repellant
4.)     backpack (suggestion: backpack rain cover/protector)
5.)     light clothes or sando (more comfortable)
6.)     beach shorts and extra undies
7.)     maong shorts (for nightlife, clubbing)
8.)     camera  |  underwater or waterproof (preferred) OR waterproof camera case
9.)     water container
10.)  1 sweater (use at night if it’s too cold)
11.)  1 light or small towel
12.)   Flashlight / lighter
13.)  Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap, shampoo, etc.
14.)  Snorkel - optional >Buy @Metro Gaisano P300-600
15.) TENT > You may buy now there is a promo @Php700 (2 person capacity)
16.) SLEEPING BAG - optional
17.) pocket knife for emergency and utility


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 TOTAL REDUCED
1 person 960 2115.00 Pending 1010.00 1855.00 740.00 475.00 465.00 710.00 8330.00 6,000
2 persons 660 1225.00 Pending 730.00 1205.00 615.00 475.00 465.00 585.00 5960.00 5,000
3 persons 560 921.67 Pending 638.33 988.33 573.33 475.00 465.00 543.33 5165.00 4,000
4 persons 510 800.00 Pending 710.00 880.00 552.50 475.00 465.00 710.00 5102.50 4,000
5 persons 480 700.00 Pending 610.00 815.00 540.00 475.00 465.00 585.00 4670.00 3,800
6 persons 460 638.33 Pending 571.67 771.67 531.67 475.00 465.00 543.33 4456.67 3,500

To know more:


More info from Negros Bloggers:
Ian Rosales Casocot
Mike Ramos
Glady Tomulto