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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Roller Coaster Year-Ender Message: "Taking Charge of Our Own Lives"

Take responsibility.

The year 2011 has been truly a magnificient year for me where taking chances on opportunities had become a highlight of my life. Although, still not mentioning the things I've been through, I say it was a roller coaster experience. The most important part is that no matter what we've been through, wether good or bad, we must and should learn from the experiences we had.

Learning? In my own simple terms, it's getting some understanding out of our experiences. We must get something out of it. A lot of things had happened to me this year, the saddest was when i lost my sister with her fight against cancer just two months ago. It was like so sudden that until now my family is still on lament. Yet, I believe everything heals through time. And I also realized that the greatest loss in life is not death, BUT what dies inside of us while we live. Truth be told, the future that awaits us is full of new discoveries, difficulties, adventures, infinite happiness and satisfaction. However, few of these things will be realized if we don't act now and do some conscious decision to take charge of our own lives and moved on towards contentment and joy.

How does a person go about taking that initial step to self-realiance and freedom? Well, I can say that I am, in one way, lucky! I got several promotions this year with my job. I implemented successfully a structure to one of the organizations I currently belong to making it more stable and functional. And that organization had gain more support and recognitions from other agencies here in Cebu. I am also proud of getting multiple checks out of my blogging hobby since I started doing it. So what does these achievements tell us? First and perhaps the most important step is to realize that only you have the key to your future. Everything that you are can change the world you live in, and how you interact with it. If an obstacle is put in your path, figure out a way to go around, through it, or over it. If you are offered an alibi, or reason why something can’t be done, consider it, but unless you’re dealing with something akin to the law of gravity, toss it aside. As what Steve Kloyda said "Alibis and reasons are nothing more than excuses as to why someone else – and not you – did not succeed." We must learn to uncover and value our potentials to help and transform our lives into something so much better than it is now.

Taking charge of our lives and the world around us simply starts with a new profound attitude. Let me tell you a story of a friend of mine. We were in congruent with the things we liked. This is when we're still working in the same company about three years ago. She now has a total of three small kids from three undistinguished fathers. I met her few months ago and decided to invite her to live with me in the apartment to basically just help. She agreed and willingly offered to share with some of my expenses in the house. Then as days go by, I'm starting to uncover more things about her and that's in a negative way. She's completely changed, her manners, character, and attitude towards life. She's becoming less and less responsible with the way she's interacting with me and how she's handling her responsibilities in the house. She's not the person I've used to know and bonded three years ago. And literally had made me live an uncomfortable life. We can look at this example from two angles giving us two suppositions. First, from her standpoint, we can see that she lacks seriousness in taking over her responsibilities towards herself, her kids, to myself and to her future. If only all of us would realize the power of our dreams, then the world will be steaming with air of abundance and joy. If she had only learned from his earliest experience, she could have planned a better life for herself and for her first child. Well, we are here not to judge her but I strongly believe that truth cannot be found without searching for it. This is kindly meant with a constructive goal born out of love. We know when we love and truly care for someone is when we wish all the best for them. A better one. Now let's go on to the second standpoint. Second, with me feeling uncomfortable of what's happening. An alarm had sounded for me to start moving on and take charge of my own's life rather than be responsible with someone else's life and neglecting mine. I believe in the thought that it's not good to start helping others if your own life needs helping. I've learned.

So, once our attitude have been adjusted, our vision of the world around us will start to change. This is normally demonstrated by those who learn the lessons of the past, fully embracing the "NOW" and ardently hopeful of "TOMORROW". with these, one can see the future not as one filled with hardships and uncertainties, but rather a future filled with possibilities. Embrace that change, you mold and paint it allowing it to transform our vision of something truly inspiring. We are the only ones who know well our own lives. So we need to learn taking charge of it. So why don't you start re-assessing yourself today? Start envisioning a life that you want and reference it with your current status. There's so much more to learn in life. Don't forget to keep an open book.

Thank you very much for your time. Happy Yule! See you next year! Let's welcome a new year of hope and positivity.

“When people fail to dream, their future perish.”
-Drake "Danaviir" Cataluña

Learn more about the origin of the Winter solstice or "Yuletide" season. More commonly known as "Christmas" by clicking here.


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