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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World Bloggers Day 2011 Here in Cebu Was A Blast!

I really had a blast yesterday when I joined the 2nd World Bloggers Day at Ramon Aboitize Foundation Inc. Session Hall. World Bloggers’ Day was conceptualized during a meeting between Parkmall Marketing team and Cebu Bloggers’ Society, Inc. representatives in the middle of April 2010. Parkmall proposed to hold a blogging event for Cebu bloggers wherein CBSi is the major blogging organization partner.

Though Parkmall initiated the project, they asked for CBSi’s advice on how to call or name the event. From there, World Bloggers’ Day was born.

World Bloggers’ Day aims to recognize the roles of bloggers in the era of online media revolution. This event is a world wide celebration from among the blogging communities both offline and online.

Here in Cebu, we had it in the RAFI headquarters, Cebu City. It was an awesome hall since it looks like a hall where everybody can interact using those microphones on each participants desks. And the venue is so cold, you wont feel the heat of the summer when you're inside and that's one big important thing to consider in hosting indoor functions this month. Kudos to Agnes and Bjorn of CBSi.

Wilson Ng, from Ng Khai Corporation, a businessman blogger/musician, was the first speaker for the event and he covered the topic on branding. He started his topic in a very unique manner by playing a portable synthesizer covering the song by Lady Gaga "Bad Romance". He then proceeded with his talk on personal branding, standing out and building trust in the brand. He emphasized that one should think of being unique to stand out and be successful, that's how branding goes!

Mr. Jacoba, a Yahoo! Philippines executive,  discussed Yahoo and the new media, the relationships between bloggers, media, and the businesses. He also stressed the statistics of blogging platforms, traffics to and

The 3rd speaker from, Marlon Guzman, talked about securing your blogs from hackers. But he said that no blog is 100% hack-free. And I understand what he's trying to say. He just shared to us tips and tricks to at least be the least-targetable blog our blogs can be from these hack attacks.

Kevin Chua, the newly elected CBSi president discussed the legal aspects of blogging, including libel and shared with us countries and blogging-freedom. In the end, with great power comes great responsibility. We must be careful though in sharing our opinions through blogging.

Im glad that I met a new friend from Her name is May, she gave me hercard and promised for a free hosting account for me. That is cool! Thank you May and

The blogging event ended with a photoshoot. I'll be updating this post in the next few weeks with photos. So stay tuned!


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