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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GeccoGeder! In Technicolor!! (Cosplay For A Cause)

DATE:                    May 7, 2011 8am-7pm
VENUE:                 Family Park, Talamban Cebu City

General Info: Entrance Fee is 50 pesos for Non-Geccos Member and 30 for Geccos Member

Event Highlights:

Anime-Inspired Cosplay Competition
Photography Contest
Technicolor Acoustic Jam
Let’s color their world! Coloring Material Drive
Opening of the GECCOS Membership Drive

The Pic-a-Nic

Side Events:

Show me your Bento Contest
The Cosplay Marketplace
Silent Auction
Games and Raffle Draw

>>Original Cosplay Competition<<

Anime-Inspired Cosplay Competition

Paired Category, No Individual.

Creativity, Neatness of Construction & Originality of Costume (pre-judged)
Relevance to Theme,
Presentation of the Skit & Articulacy on the Character Represented
Over-all impact

OC Competition is open to all event attendees. Registration Fee is 150Php per pair.

The theme is “GECCOgether in Technicolor: Coloring our World”.

OC Competition will be an Open Paired category where participants will be competing as pairs cosplaying anyoriginal character that they have designed basing in the style/version of any genre whether it’s from anime, manga, games, comics, movies. i.e. Kakashi and Sasuke Rockstar, Naruto doctor and Sakura Nurse, Tsuna and Reborn Steampunked, Ichigo and Rukia Gangster, Sexy Luffy and Zorro, your choice, be different, have fun!

Participants should be 12 years old and above. Below 18 years old must submit their parents or guardian letter of consent.

Let’s keep it fun, so no scary, gory, messy, lewd or vulgar costumes. Please remember some of the attendingcosplayers/fans are young so if you can't wear it to Grandma's you can't wear it here.

No Costume is NO COSTUME, so don’t tell us that your cosplaying as your neighbor.

No Standard CosPlay allowed – all entries must be of original Concept.
Any kind of pyrotechnic equipments that will be used as costume props that could render damage to the venue/property is strictly prohibited, that means no flash pots, explosives, fire, smoke, fog, or mist of any kind. We wish that you have a happy experience, and not a bloody one.

Weapons or props must be checked with Staff of GECCOS beforehand.
All kinds of costume props must be handled with utmost care and must not be harmful to his/her fellow cosplayers,event staff and attendees.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse people who do not follow the guidelines mentioned above from joining the contest.

GECCOS team will not be held responsible for damage/injury resulting from mishandling/negligence of cosplayers in his/her use of props/materials throughout the duration of the event.

Each pair will have approximately 3 minutes in the spotlight.

Contest is limited to the first Fifteen (15) entries. Deadline for Pre-registration will be on May 3, 2011 8PM. No Onsite Registration.

All registrants must send in the following to

Cosplayers Real Name:
Cosplayer Alias:
Contact Info:
Email Address:
Names of Character Cosplaying as:
Atleast 1 image (sketch or photo)
A brief blurb (100 word max) on their character(s).
Pre-Judging will be done prior to the contest. BE ON TIME so the judges can look at your costume in detail.
Be sure let us know if you are able to stay for the announcement the winners for the day.

>>Photography Contest<<

General Mechanics, Rules and Procedure:
  1. The contest is open to all amateur and hobbyists photographers only.  There will be no age-limit.  Registration fee is PhP50.00.
  2. Photos must have a size of at least 5 inches × 7 inches at 300 DPI or 1500 x 2100 pixels
  3. Photo entries must be taken during the Geccogether on May 7, 2011.
  4. Photos should depict the theme of “Technicolor”.
  5. Photos must not contain any visible or invisible watermarkings.
  6. Participants can only submit 1 entry to
  7. Basic post-processing will be allowed (brightness/contrast, saturation, sharpening). Retouching should be minimal. The addition and subtraction of elements (erasing, pasting, cloning) will not be allowed.
  8. Submission of entries will be from May 7, 2011 until May 14, 2011.  All entries received after May 14, 2011 will be disqualified.
  9. Please also include in your email the following registration data:

Name of photographer:
Contact number:
   10.  The organizers of Geccogether reserve the right to disqualify entries which do not follow the requirements or are deemed unsuitable for the contest.
   11.  The judges’ decision shall be final and irrevocable.
   12.  All participants shall retain ownership of the photos they submitted.  However, the
          organizers of Geccogether will have the right to publish the images for promotional  
          purposes without any financial compensation to the photographer other than due    

1.  The contest will run for 2 weeks starting May 16, 2011 until May 31, 2011.  All qualified photos will be uploaded in the Geccogether Contest album of the Geccos Fan Page (
2.  The winning photo will need to get the approval by getting the most likes (50%) and the thumbs up from representatives of CDP, PCC, and Cosplay.PH.
3.  There will be only 1 winner.

>>Technicolor Acoustic Jam 2011<<

General Mechanics, Rules and Procedure:

1) Open to all ages 15 and up.
2) Contestants may present as a band, duet or solo
3) Registration fee is 100 per band/duo/solo
4) Presenter must present 1 cover songs of any ANIME or JPOP song AND 1 English Song (POP Music preferably acoustic mainstream ) specifically. Original Composition is not allowed.
5) Total Presentation time of the song must not exceed 5 minutes.
6) Pre Registration is required. No Onsite Registration
7) To Pre Register:
    Subject Line: Technicolor Jam 2011
    Name of the band/duo/solo:
    Name of Members:
    From what Anime/Album:
    Contact Person:
    Contact Number:
    Email Address:
    A Copy of the song lyrics:

    Send it to

8) Presenters will perform live at the Family Park Stage, Talamban Cebu on May 7, 2011, Saturday.

9) For Band: Must Bring Their own instruments
   For Duet and Solo: Must submit a minus one version of the song in a cd format and usb drive
   There will be a briefing on May 1, 2011

10) Criteria for Judging: THE Anime/JPOP SONG will be judged and not the English Song

Criteria for Judging:

Musicality 40%
Originality and Content 30%
Stage Performance 20%
Audience Impact 10%

One Winner: Technicolor Jam Legend (Best Overall Performance)

>>Let’s Color Their World! <<

1) As our way of giving back to the community, GECCOS will be holding a Coloring Material drive during the event. Everyone can donate any Coloring Materials in support of its beneficiary, iLearners Foundation.

2) Every Coloring Material will ALSO serve as a raffle entry

3) Entries shall be raffled off and draw within the event duration and exciting prizes shall be given away.


1) Membership is open to all Cosplayers and Non Cosplayers

2) Membership Fee is 200 pesos. Membership duration is good for One Year

3) Discussion of Benefits and Requirement Shall be discuss on the event


1) Registration Fee is 100 pesos

2) During Lunchtime, each contestant must present their bento

3) There will be an Official GECCOS Photographer who will be taking a picture of your entry

4) There will be a PRE-JUDGING during the event and based on the following criteria (creativity/presentation and palatability). The Pictures shall be posted in the GECCOS Page and will gain additional points based on the number of likes. The like- campaign will end on May 31 ,2011 Tuesday  11:59pm

5) Criteria for Judging

40% Based on the number of Facebook Likes
30% Creativity and Presentation (To be judged during the event)
30% Palatability (To be judged during the event)

6)  Announcement of Winners shall be posted.

7) Prizes shall be given away and as follows <>
   Ultimate Bento Winner:
   2nd Place Winner:
   3rd Place Winner

   Special Awards:
   Most Number of Likes in Facebook
   Sponsor’s Choice: (Based on Creativity/Presentation and Palatability)


The Cosplay Marketplace

1) PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED and First Come First Serve!!! 

2) There are two Types of Market Space

 There are 5 Slots available for Close Type (Inclusion of Tent, Table and Two Chairs) Registration Fee is 300
  and 5 slots available for Open Type (Table and Two chairs) Registration Fee is 200

  If there is a need for appliances or any electrical devices needs that would be an added 300 pesos (to be payed to    Family Park)

 First Come First Serve !!

 3) To Protect and be FAIR for the People who registered


4) Registrations can only choose and focus only on one of the Product Categories:

FOOD: (Drinks, Snack, Candies)
FASHION: (Clothes and Accessories)
FIGURE: (Toys, Posters, Figurines, Hobby Related Products)

 5) To added more gimmick and fancy in your store
You are allowed to bring extra tables, boards and decorate them
signages would be awesome as well) -PLS DO NOTIFY IN THE PREREGISTRATION)

6) there will be a special award for the best STORE!

7) The organizers will only allow 4 people to sell/to help/to support

8) Send your entries to with the following format

Name of the Store:
Product Category (food, fashion, figure):
Market Space (Open or Close):
Name of the Contact Person:
Contact Number:
Name of Members:
Bring Extra Stuff: (Table, Boards) 


9) Deadline of entries is until April 30 , 2011   


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