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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Rebut to "Van Vugt: Once Again, Why Noynoy Aquino?"

My comment regarding this article: "Why Noynoy Aquino?"

An article by Sir Arnold Van Vugt

***Wrong spelling po, please proofread twice to avoid typos... 
"...But on a more positive note, I believe, Noynoy has revealed three important character treats for a president:..."
CORRECTION: character traits... 

"...If Noynoy has benefited from the family legacy, it would be unwise to think that he lacks ideas, intelligence and INTEGRITY, and above all, the guts to face his main contender, the billionaire property tycoon, Manuel Villar..."

MY KEY POINTS: How well do you know Noynoy? Can you cite some events that we would be able to ponder somehow that Noynoy is a goodman, like helping the poor, projects, sensible lawmaking, etc?
I think we need to do more research on the life of each of the candidates first specially Villar, Noynoy and Gibo... 

Issues of Noynoy that hope you would be able to answer:
1.) Hacienda Luisita acquisition and how come they are still keeping it and not give them to the farmers working? Remember the agreement between the Central Bank and Cojuangcos? They should give it away after 10 years... 

2.) Hacienda Luisita Massacre, please do research and hope you would be able to defend this with justice...

3.) Noynoy's incompetence while spending 12 years in the Law Making House of the Philippines.. zero law passed?

4.) Family history, Cory Aquino a saint?? taking over the Arlegui House from the real owner and making it her own Malacañang during her reign?

This is not meant to attack anyone especially Noynoy supporters, but just one to way to educate and to persuade us all to do more research. Let us not be fooled on the how the cover looks like, but need to dig in deeper with its content. A gift wrapper maybe fancy but we dont know what's inside, right? Thanks.. Hope you would be able to publish this in your site. Thanks and Godspeed!


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