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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cebu's Reflexology and Foot Therapy at Gabayan Alternative Healing Center

Gabayan Alternative Healing Center (now Blessed Pedro Calungsod Alternative Healing Center )
(Reflexo-foot therapy) Address: Patria de Cebu Building fronting Cebu Cathedral, Cebu City.

I was wondering of a productive thing to do today, after writing a special article I asked my cousin to accompany me to have  a reflexology session. He was scared because he realized it would be painful. Anyway, I am committing to do this on a weekly basis and will be bringing all my foreign guests to try it once they visit me here in Cebu.

Patria de Cebu is situated across the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral along P. Burgos Street, Cebu City. Within its confine is the Blessed Pedro Calungsod Alternative Healing Center which was founded since 1992. I would say this is the best convenient and affordable reflexology center here in Cebu. The signboard still is using its old name which is Gabayan Alternative Healing Center which was founded by the late Artemio “Timmy” Tejedor. It is open everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 pm which is the cut-off time of listing the names of persons who want to have reflexology. There is no exact payment, just a donation from your kind heart. You will just bring a towel, oil and an alcohol.

As you enter the center, you would see people of all ages and from all walks oflife who just wanted to relax or be treated with this kind of foot therapy. Although several of these patients were old people who have several body ailments there are also those adults who are just stressed out workers looking for a place to experience relief from their daily work.

The service is free, however they have two donation boxes. They will ask you for any amount while waiting for your therapist and right after finishing the session. I am strongly against those individuals who do not care much about these therapists. Why am I saying this? First, all of these therapists are non-salaried. Volunteers who spent most of their time daily in the center. Second, I believe there are 10-15 therapists you would see inside the center. And they will share among themselves the total amount the donation boxes would sum up at the end of the day. As per my interview with some of their staff, sometimes they only take home P60-P100 pesos which really saddened me.

I had my first reflexology session maybe around 2 years ago. But this time, I would confessed that it is really very very painful. They say it would get better as you do it regularly. I suggest for you to talk to your therapist and let them know if you want them to be extra careful and gentle pressing those pointed stuff into the soles of your feet.

You might be asking how do these volunteers get in to do service in the center. Based on my interview with their staff, they undergo a specialized training. After the training, they were given a written exam and a practical exam, and if you both passed the exams, you are now allowed to render a voluntary service in the center. This is a voluntary service for the people and to the Lord that is why they do not have wages.

Reflexology really has its benefits and soothing effect, but it can also be really painful especially to those who are stressed out or ill. It is advised to NOT wet your feet for six hours after the reflexology. Also, it is advisable to do it if not always, maybe often.




Bon Bryan said...

Reflexology looks nice! great post! :)

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Drake Danaviir L. Cataluña said...

yeah sure is. mustve try Ron.. ^^,

JC said...

First time I tried, I nearly cried. It's painful even if it's my fifth time :)

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