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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My 25th Birthday Love Letter Only for You!


Today marks my 25th year here in this world. Thank you very much to those who have extended their greetings. I may not be able to thank each one of you but I love you all. Thanks for making my world so meaningful.
-Drake C.

To my iLearners Inc. family. Thank you for always inspiring me every step of the way. You rock guys, you know who you are :) Let us continue the fire burning as we continue to help more and more kids and sending them to school.

To my Cebu Indie filmmakers circle, sir Albert Chan Paran. To Black Canvass Productions. You have never ceases to amaze me with the craft that we do.  Let's make this BIG! :)

To my Ananda Marga and Yoga & meditation friends in Cebu and from other parts of the world. Thank you for always giving me sparks of love and devotion for the Supreme and all its creation. Baba Nam Kevalam!

To my Sinha Bahia de Capoeira family, my coaches and co-students. I so miss you guys. Dont worry Ill be back. Thanks for always being there despite of us not seeing each other that often.

To my friends in the online gaming community here in Cebu, salamat mga bradir ug sis :) Padayon lang gihapon sa pagduwa. :)

To Convergys Social Welfare club members, my office colleagues, my real friends. I am so missing you. You know who you are. Thanks gengsters. :)

To my Couchsurfing friends, YOU GUYS ROCK!! You know who you guys are. Thanks for staying true and super genuine about everything. Don't worry we'll party harder the next time I see you. Better watch out. :)

To Astrid Montforte, Ga Lou, Gautier, Vincent, Gregory, and the rest. Thank you for being such a cool friend the moment I came to know you guys. Thanks for being my Language exchange partners. :)

Aujourd'hui marque ma 25eme annee ici, dans ce monde. Merci beaucoup a ceux qui ont etendu leurs salutations. Je ne peux pas etre en mesure de remercier chacun d'entre vous, mais je vous aime tous. Merci d'avoir fait mon monde si pleine de sens.

To my Mandarin Chinese speaking friends, classmates, Ms. Aleth Lim, Shi Jiu Feng, my Lao sh Sun Zhun Wang, wherever you are :) Thanks for inspiring me to go on. Despite of age differences, our interests and discussions are so very refreshing. You seem like my brothers and sisters already. LoL. You are one of the super cool folks here on Earth. Miss you and love you.

Mandarin Chinese: 
Jīntiān shì wǒ 25 nián zài zhège shìjiè shàng. Fēicháng gǎnxiè nàxiē yǐ yáncháng tāmen de wènhòu. Wǒ kěnéng wúfǎ gǎnxiè nǐmen měi gèrén, dàn wǒ ài nǐ. Wèi shǐ wǒ de shìjiè rúcǐ yǒuyìyì de gǎnxiè.

To Taclobanons who have become part of my life. To my long-lost friends from Leyte Subcultures Community, Jehann, Bambi, Jet, Krista, Ambo, Lester, Noel, Antit, Lehi and others... I so miss you guys. I know will find each other someday. Thank you for letting me experience another side of the world where we are bonded as brothers and sisters.

Yana an ika 25 anyos ko na didi ha Kalibutan. Damo nga salamat han adto nga naghatag han ira tim-os na pagbati. Diri ko man papasalamatan hit nga tanan ha iyo pero ginhigugma ko kam nga tanan. Salamat han paghatag hin kolor tak kalibutan.

To my Amanung Sisuan online family. Thanks. Mga Cabalen!

Ngening aldong iti, ya pu ing ka-beinti-singku anyus ku keti king sulip. Dakal pung salamat kekongan peyabut pamamugue kanaku. E ra ko man apasalamatan tunggal-tunggal, dapot kaluguran da ko ngan. Dakal pung salamat, apasaya't agawa ye pung makabaldugan ing yatu ku.

Sa akong pinalanggang ginikanan, igsoon, grandma, akong pamilya. Despite of frailties I have, you're just there every step of the way. A shoulder to lean on. Despite of the things we've been through you remain strong. I love you. Thanks for trusting me and my decisions.

Karon ang sinugdanan sa akong ika biente singko anyos dinhi sa katilingaban. Salamat uyamot sa katong mga nipadahilay sa kanilang tagsa-tagsa ka mga pagbati. Dili mo man nako mapasalamat kada usa pero gihigugma ko kamo tanan. Daghan salamat sa paghatag rason sa akong kinabuhi.

I may have missed some folks here. I apologize, I believe it's just me being so preoccupied lately. But deep in my heart I am always thankful for the people who have become part of my life, who have helped me and molded me to what I've become today. Thank you.


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