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Monday, September 19, 2011

Safe Sex with Vegan Condoms

Sometimes you might think that "animal rights" activists or New Age fanatics tend to focus all their time and attention towards their philosophies and making them reach the general public and totally forgetting or are far too innocent to even think about having sex. Oh, that is certainly not true (I guess so... please don't burst my bubble)! But just in case, here's some info you might be interested in: Many condoms aren't vegan.

Some latex condoms contain casein, which is a product made from curdled milk. It's true—and it's a bit gross (I don't think further explanation is needed here). You're all responsible and compassionate—why not combine those qualities to help animals by scooping up some vegan condoms next time you stock up? After all, it's super creepy to think that animals were harmed for … you know—your lovemaking.

Where can you get vegan condoms? Lots of health food stores stock them—and I'm sure you had no idea about this, but the Internet is actually filled with lots of sexual content, including where to buy vegan condoms. You may try one out by ordering online thru eBay, et cetera.

More info can be found here:
*The Vegan Society List of Vegan Contraceptives
*Where to Buy Vegan Condoms - From Cory Silverberg, the Guide to Sexuality

What's a good brand? 
1.) Check out GLYDE! You can purchase condoms right from their Web site. 
2.) German manufacturer Condomi utilises cocoa powder instead and has been awarded the Vegan Society's seal of approval.
3.) Other condoms, such as the Durex Avanti Ultima condom and several Pasante brands are currently formulated as vegan condoms, but they are not registered as vegan products. They are, however, probably easier to find in your local drug store.
4.) Vegan latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene condoms should have the same safe sex benefits as the non-vegan variety, and anything that encourages more people to practice safe sex is fine with me.

I think it's wonderful that condom companies are marketing safe sex to the vegan community. Remember that being sexually active comes with real responsibility, and we should take all measures necessary to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. If you don't have certified vegan condoms, sex with any condom is better than having sex with no condom at all.

Don't forget to check out our cruelty-free database to scope out more animal-friendly companies. There is a cruelty-free version of everything —and this blog truly proves that. Stay safe, guys (and ladies)!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I learned alot! - Ana

Luke Forsyth said...

Condoms are the best way to have safer sex.

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