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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cebu Destination: Badian, The Beauty Within

The Municipality of Badian is located 97.6 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. Its boundaries are the Municipality of Moalboal in the north, the Municipality of Alegria in the south, the Municipality of Dalaguete and Argao in the east and the Tañon Strait in the west. 
This southern town got its name from a plant called badyang, which as once abundant in the area. However, the Spaniards found it difficult to pronounce the name so eventually the "g" was dropped and the "y" was changed to "i" and the town came to be known as Badian, a generally mountainous and hilly area where locals and tourists go around in jeepneys and tricycles.

Badian Nature Wonders
Badian boasts of breathtaking beaches, most famous of which is the Badian Island Resort and Spa. The resort has sandy beaches, a natural spa and a dive center that operates all year round and is equipped with the best dive equipment. Instructors are around to help beginners, as well as experienced divers explore the colorful marine life in the area.
1 - Kawasan Falls
2 - Badian Island Resort and Spa
3 - Kabokalan Spring
4 - Badian Beach

Another must-see in Badian is the majestic Kawasan Falls, one of many waterfalls that make up the Matutinao River System, which stretches 18.35 kilometers from the Municipality of Alegria to the river's mouth in the Tañon Strait. Its source if freshwater comes from a large underground reservoir that emerges to the Kabokalan Springs. The river system, composed of springs, streams abd waterfalls, has been awarded several times in the past years as the Cleanest and Greenest River in the Philippines. In 2003, it earned the Hall of Fame award for the rivers category.

The Kawasan Nature's Park is the entry point to the river system, the Kawasan Falls and the Kabokalan Springs, which is approximately a two-kilometer uphill walk toward the Matutinao River Canyon. Different kinds of flora and fauna along the river canyon give visitors the feeling of slowly entering the forest.

Badian is a 4th class municipality that is administratively subdivided into 29 barangays and these are Alawijao, Balhaan, Banhigan, Basak, Basiao, Bato, Bugas, Calangcang, Candiis, Dagatan, Dobdob, Ginablan, Lambug, Malbago, Malhiao, Manduyong, Matutinao, Patong, Poblacion, Sanlagan, Santicon, Sohoton, Sulsugan, Talayong, Taytay, Tigbao, Tiguib, Tubod and Zaragosa.

Getting There in Badian Cebu Philippines
To reach Badian, one only has to go to the Cebu South Bus Terminal where aircon and non-aircon buses are available every hour. There are also vehicles-for-hire within the terminal area.

Enjoy a very relaxing life on one of Badian beaches...

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