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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hillsong United - A Beautiful Exchange 2010 New Album Trailer

This album is now on media. What is shown here is the scene of a Sunday night 8th of November last year where thousands of worshippers gathered together in the Sydney Entertainment Centre in a collective Expression of worship, recording the latest live worship album from Hillsong Church.

The fact that an album was being recorded seemed incidental, inconsequential even, as thousands of voices ascended heavenward, filling the stadium with a heartfelt expression of worship.

The presence of God was tangible, the focus singular a beautiful exchange: Perfection took our place, when only love could make a way, you gave your life in a beautiful exchange

From the first song you are carried on a journey from awakening to awe for this overwhelmingly infinite and yet intensely intimate God. It is intoxicating captivating what the power of a unified church in worship can accomplish.

That night, thousands of people knelt at the feet of their magnificent Saviour in adoration; a beautiful exchange on so many levels.

Both the CD and DVD are a complete worship experience. The album features 12 fresh, new songs including the title track Beautiful Exchange, and this year the DVD and Blu-ray comes complete with a special backstage look into the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.


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