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Friday, August 20, 2010

Earth Dance Cebu 2010, A Historic Event!

When I heard about this I became very happy. At last, we are now celebrating life with culture and spiritual tolerance, being one despite of diversities of traditions, race, culture, languages, customs, philosophies and upbringing.

EarthDance Festival is a festival celebrated in over 300 locations in more than 50 countries around the world every year ( EarthDance Festival is an opportunity to celebrate Culture and the Environment. It is an opportunity for raising community awareness, particularly amongst young people. EarthDance Festival has been celebrated in Manila in 2008 and 2009.

Well, this time, I think it's getting bigger, this world's largest synchronized showcasing of music and dances will take place in over 500 locations and 80 countries. The very essence of this gathering is joining the world in a Prayer for Peace.

Cebu is very happy to participate this year in this worldwide activity. Rocking to the beat of Mother Nature, organisers of EarthDance Cebu 2010 is inviting all of us especially those organizations for this very exciting event which will bring together people and organizations together from all over Visayas and Mindanao to celebrate the Earth, and crystallize the movement toward Environmentally Sustainable Development in our region.

EarthDance Cebu 2010 will be held this Sept 18-19, Family Park, Talamaban, Cebu City of Light. The intention of EarthDance Cebu 2010! is to bring people together to celebrate and raise awareness about the Environment and Sustainable Development here in Cebu.

According to the organizers, the event will see the launching of a new Alliance of Environmental NGOs as well as the launching of the Green Light Guide to Maharlika~Philippines.

50 % of the profit of public Earthdancing activities  will be donated to any organization specializing in works related to the following categories:
*The Welfare of Children and Urban youth
*Indigenous Peoples And Cultures
*International Relief and Development
*Sustainability and Protection
*Organizations that Promote Peace

The main event of EarthDance will be the Music Performance and Dance from 6pm Saturday
evening. This event will see a number of performers and bands playing to an audience of several thousand young people dancing in front of the stage in a celebration of the Earth, of the environment, of peace, and of cultural tolerance. But there's more to that, some of things that one would be expecting from this event are:
*Local musicians and artists showcasing their talents
*Booths and Stores where various crafts and items are on sale
*Environmental projects exhibit from various groups in the region
*Workshops, Seminars, and Symposiums

Let us be one as we are going to be part of Cebu's history, this is Cebu's first participation making this a historic event for the province. Cebu Earthdance 2010 is in partnership with Cebu City Council, University of Cebu and Bigfoot Studious.

Government Agencies, Organizations, Groups, Clubs, and Others which will be invited can be related to the following areas:
1.) Environmental Groups
2.) Ecotourism
3.)  Sustainable Energy Development Promoting Companies
4.) Energy-efficient buildings constructors
5.) Recycling experts
6.) Sustainable Agriculture and Tree Planting experts, groups and individuals
7.) Health and Healing endorsers and establishments
8.) Community Development
9.) International promotion of Cebu
10.) Partering with Cebu City Council

The Organizers would be intending to have this Festival annually, aiming in drawing people from all over the Visayas and Mindanao regions, and even attracting international visitors.

If your organization would like to participate in this exciting event here in Cebu City, please fill out the Registration Form found here and send it to


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